Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I have several accounts in the system ?
No. Each user can register in the system only once. If a violation of this rule is discovered all your accounts can be locked forever.

How secure is your site and my account information ?
The company guarantees complete confidentiality of each user's data. Your personal information is 100% protected from attacks by third parties.

What should I do to become a user ?
It's quite easy and convenient. Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Register".

What payment systems do you work with ?
At the moment, we use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and Perfect Money. The company also plans to expand the list of payment methods. You can learn about adding new payment systems from our news.

Can I deposit directly from my account balance ?
No, you can not deposit directly from account balance.

Money has not been credited to my e-wallet. What can I do ?
If funds have not been credited to your balance, follow these steps: Make sure that you sent a withdrawal request (view the history of transactions in your account). Check if 1 working hours have passed since the submission of your withdrawal request. If the funds were not credited within 1 working hours contact support. Our experts will solve the problems in an extremely short time.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw ?
The minimum withdrawal amount for users of the online platform is $0.1 for PerfectMoney, $10 fro Bitcoin/Ethereum, $3 for Litecoin/Dash/Ripple/Dogecoin/Tron/Stellar/BinanceCoin/Bitcoin Cash.

In what time after sending a withdrawal request will the funds be available in my personal account ?
All withdrawal requests are processed instantly including weekends and holidays. For cryptocurrencies, you may also need at least three network confirmations before the funds become available for future use. In critical cases, whether it is a malfunction in the payment system or on the server, funds will be paid in manual mode in no more than 48 hours.Please contact us if your withdrawal request is pending for more than 48 hours.

Am I able to request the deposit withdrawal before the end of investment period ?
No. The deposit can be withdrawn only after the end of investment period which is specified in the investment plan that was chosen.

I want to attract new investors to, but I haven’t yet made any deposit. Can I still participate in the referral program ?
Yes, you can. The presence of an active deposit is not an obligatory condition for participation in the referral program.

Can I change the upliner ?
No, you can’t change the upliner. A user who has invited another partner has the right to get a commission for the lifetime from all referral’s deposits.

Do you have the referral program ?
Yes. Use all opportunities to earn money with simultaneously.

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