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The OkeyBitcoinLtd project has passed a long period of its formation and it can be said without exaggeration that the company has its own history. It began in 2012, with the founders’ of the current company enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency, when it was not yet mainstream direction. Investments in bitcoin at that time did not require large funds. The rapid jump in the main cryptocurrency in 2013, when it first reached the level of $ 1000, showed that hopes for bitcoin are not groundless and one should expect a substantial return on investment in it. Having already a solid capital for creating the fund, the work was begun aimed at attracting professional analysts, financiers and traders, who could coordinate the work of the project and choose the right vector of its development. In parallel, there were ideas of organizing industrial mining, after which the development began in this direction.

Active growth of the cryptocurrency market in 2016-2017 contributed to the fact that the turnover funds of OkeyBitcoinLtd increased thousands of times, which was provided by a competent approach to investing in the most successful cryptocurrencies and effective diversification of funds. The company entered a new level of work - the organization of a modern mining farm staffed with the latest technology was started. With the development of OkeyBitcoinLtd, the management has come to the need to officially registration of the company and operation in a legal field loyal to the taxation of jurisdiction. Today, the company's management faces the issue of further project development. We already have a certain action plan, the implementation of which is scheduled for the coming years.

The company decided to cooperate with private investors in order to ensure the active development of OkeyBitcoinLtd and meet the requirements of the modern market. For effective cooperation, we developed an investment resource through which we will receive funds and pay interest on the accounts of participants. For the purpose of stable operation and further development of OkeyBitcoinLtd, we have developed investment conditions that are presented on the official website of the project. With the OkeyBitcoinLtd investment project, investing in cryptocurrency and mining will be available to absolutely all investors who are interested in it - any investor can become a participant of the project and earn high-yield interest together with a reliable and successfully developing company. You can be confident in the stable operation of the investment fund, because it is managed by a successful team of analysts, traders, financiers and IT professionals who are interested in ensuring each participant benefits from cooperation. Trusting your funds to management of professionals, you can get a really passive high income and a long-term perspective of cooperation.

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